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Swimming pool treatment process

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment


Ozonation is written into the German DIN (
German Institute for Standardization)standard specifications for public swimming pools.

However ozone works in a similar manner to UVc in as much that the
process oxidises and chops up organic molecules into smaller components.
However it is also a DIN standard requirement to use activated carbon
after Ozonation which eliminates the THM problem. However the activated
carbon absorbs the free chlorine and will increase the chemical demand
by the pool,typically the chlorine requirement will increase by 500%. In
addition to removing chlorine, activated carbon also absorbs organics,
which makes it a perfect environment for the incubation of bacteria and
the production of trichloramine gas.

In Germany and in any swimming pool system using ozone and activated
carbon there will be a high level of trichloramine in the atmosphere.
This is demonstrated by the excessive corrosion of the ventilation
systems and stainless steel metal work, the structural steel for the
building may also be affected. Every year there are at least one or more
cases of swimming pool roof failure in Europe caused by trichloramines.
At low levels trichloramine will predispose your lungs to infection, or
in the case of children it may sensitise the lung tissue to an allergic
reaction which may in turn lead to asthma when the child becomes a
teenager. It is unlikely that we will ever quantify the damage caused by
trichloramine on public health, in the same manner that it has taken
decades to appreciate the dangers from smoking and


However we should not advocate a technology that actually
promotes the production of a toxic gas. Ozonation systems are being
promoted in many European countries, and they are written into the
German DIN standards, however it is a technology that is actively
causing damage to the lungs of the public visiting swimming pools.