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Typical Water Ozonation Process

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Water Ozone mixing

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SS ozone/water blender

High Performance Ozone/Water  SS  blender

How it works

The turbulent flow produce negative pressure and absorb the ozone into the blender, special designed internal  structure make the sinuous flow swirling and striking in the tube, our experience proved that the solubility is double than Venturi tube when mixing ozone and water.






The pressure at "1" is higher than at "2" because the fluid speed at "1" is lower than at "2".Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure

The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. The Venturi effect is named after Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746–1822), an Italian physicist.

Ozone for Poultry Farming

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Ozone in Air

Ozone can be used to destroy airborne bacteria and eliminate odours. Ozone kills micro-organisms by a process of oxidation. Gaseous Ozone can reduce the ammonia concentrations in animal sheds. There are two methods that can be used to treat poultry sheds. When sheds are empty of birds and the litter cleared, high concentrations of ozone can be used to sanitise the building. Then using low level concentrations of ozone during the growth cycle will improve animal hygiene by reducing odorous compounds present in the growing shed.

Ozone in water

Highly ozonated water is of enormous benefit in the slaughterhouse for bacteria control of dead animals and the environment. When chilled ozonated water is sprayed onto chicken meat it will kill pathogens on the surface reducing the potential for spoilage. Slaughterhouse and equipment can also be washed with highly ozonated water acting to disinfect the working area reducing the potential for dangerous bacteria outbreak.

Ionized water, Ozonated water and Alkaline water

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Ionized (higher pH) water is supposed to offer health benefits, but there is little factual evidence to back up this claim. Ozonated water has ozone diffused into it, which acts as a disinfectant, but it is unstable and has a short effective duration.

What Does a Water Ionizer Do?

Passing electrical current through pure water (pH=7), an ionizer generates alkaline (pH above 7) and acidic (pH below 7) water. The alkaline water is dispensed for drinking purposes.

Why Alkaline Water?

Proponents claim alkaline water corrects the body’s pH balance. Since digestion already turns fluids slightly alkaline before they reach the intestines, there is little value to alkaline water.

Instability of Ozonated Water

Since ozone has a half-life of less than 30 minutes, any bottled ozonated water on the shelf will have no ozone left in it. Only an on-site ozone generator will give most people contact with real ozonated water.

Uses of Ozonated Water

Ozone is used for water disinfection in many treatment plants around the world. It oxidizes any organic materials (including disease-carrying organisms) better than oxygen will by itself. So, ozonated water is useful for disinfection (as well as for precipitating many dissolved minerals out of the water) and has a slightly higher level of dissolved oxygen in the water than non-ozonated water does.


Ozonated water offers extra disinfection if your water may be contaminated. For normal water supplies, this precaution is an unnecessary expense, but otherwise it is harmless. Ionized water has a higher pH than pure water. The same effect can be achieved at much less cost with a few gains of baking soda added to your water.

What is ozone laundry system?

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Consist of Ozone Laundry System

Ozone generator and controller

What is ozone laundry

Due to the zone
own the features of: strong oxidbillity , dirty removal, bacteria-killing,
stretching fiber, we mix ozone with water at certain content to wash clothes.

Ozone can kill
bacteria and virus effectively 90~99.9%

Ozone has the
functions of dirty removal, bleaching and unpleasant smell removal, also can purify
washing water to reduce second polution.

Can do washing at
normal temperature water, reduce heating energy 60 ~90%

Reduce chemical 40~85%

Reduce water consumption
25% ~ 75%

Reduce washing time

Reduce clothes wearing
and chlorine hurt, extend clothes life

Unlike normal
washing, the clothes is neutral but not light alkaline, more comfortable

Ozone Laundry system advantages

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Ozone Laundry System Advantages:

Utility %Saved

Water 20-40%

Sewer 20-40%

Hot water 90-97%

Internal heating 90-97%

Operating energy 15-20%

Gas for dryers 25-35%

Gas for dryers 25-35%

Labors 0-12.5%

Ozone can do wat in your home?

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Do you know what ozone can do in your home?
The ozone sterilization is quick and safe. When the ozone concentrations get to a
certain percent, it kills the virus and germ immediately, then breaks up to oxygen,
bring no secondary pollution. Compare with the other solution, ozone can diffuse
quickly without shadow, operated easily and consume low energy.

Use method
Remove pesticide from fruit & vegetable
Clean vegetable & meat: Immerge the food in water, put output hose at the container bottom, wait 10~20 mins, then wash the food for cooking, eating and freeze.
Water dispenser sterilize
Empty the bottle, connect the hose with the dispenser’s faucet, (or dissemble the faucet, connect the pipe) turn the switch on. Select working time, when finish, take off the silicon hose; take off the empty bottle, refill the bottle.
Remove smell & refrigerator freshening
Put the ozone outlet of hose in the space where you want to remove smell.
Add oxygen & purified water for fish tank
Put the ozone outlet into fish tank, choose the time depends on the tank capacity.
Air purification for bedroom
Put the ozone generator in the bedroom, turn on the generator, be sure to close all windows and door, and people cant stay in when disinfection
Cure and health care for dermatophytosis
Immerge foot into water, put the ozone outlet under toes, twice one day, 20 mins one time. If you use cool water, it will be better.