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Flow Chart of UF-RO Desalination System

UF as pretreatment

UF-RO desalinaiton

UF-RO desalinaiton


Container built desalination unit

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container built desalination

container built desalination

container desalination system

container built desalination system

container desalination system

container built desalination system

Flow chart of Seawater Desalination

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Simple flow chart of seawater desalination

Flow chart of Desalination UF


RO system trouble shooting —– membrane elements fouling and solution

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RO system trouble shooting —– membrane elements fouling and solution

Symptoms of trouble:

PP cartridges of security filter seriously blocked after 7 working days by yellow colloidal fouling, and this colloidal substance also follow through the security filter and effect the RO membrane elements, especially the first stage.

Cause: By analyzing the process, we conclude the sulfur bacteria increasing due to the Sodium Bisulfite (SBS) overdosing. At the pretreatment process, the Chloride Dioxide is dosed as bactericide in the depositing reservoir, and before the water go to the RO unit, the Sodium Bisulfite (SBS) is dosed to protect RO membranes. The overdosed SBS reduce not only residual chlorine, but also free oxygen, this will create an anaerobic environment, and the remnant sulfur compounds provide energy source for sulfur bacteria metabolism, which are anaerobic.


To cut off the energy source of sulfur bacteria and inhibit its growth. There are two ways to avoid SBS overdoing: to get accurate value of residual chlorine, then recalculate SBS dosing; or to get ORP value of feed water (without any chemical dosing) as reference value, to decide SBS dosing


The Most Competitive Seawater Desalination System

2000, 3000, 5000LPD seawater desalinaiton RO systemThe most competitive desalination system

Competitive price, reliable working performance and long service life.

Treatment capacity: 2ooo to 5ooo liters per day

We designed this cheap desalination system for remote area,  to solve drinking water  at a low cost. Of coz, the system also can be used on boat or for other application, can be customized due to various working condition.

Some facts of desalination

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    • It is estimated that some 30% of the world’s irrigated areas suffers from salinity problems and remediation is seen to be very costly.
    • In 2008 there were more than 13,000 desalination plants around the world in 120 countries. They produce some 63.48 million m3/day of freshwater.
    • Global desalination investment total amount up to 24.8 billion us dollars and increased 20% to 30% per year.
    • It is estimated that there total 70 billion us dollar market in future 20 years, and china market share will get a quick increasing.
    • The most important users of desalinated water are in the Middle East, (mainly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain), which uses about 70% of worldwide capacity; and in North Africa (mainly Libya and Algeria), which uses about 6% of worldwide capacity.
    • Saudi Arabia plants take about 24% capacity of world desalination. The biggest desalination plant is JEBEL ALI desalination plant in UAE which  produce 300 million m3/day.

      SWRO Energy Recovery

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      Energy recovery device is an energy exchanger, which transfer the pressure of  waste water/drain water to feeding water, efficiency rate can be up to 89% to 96%. This technology made the RO desalination as the lowest energy consumption solution, comparing with ED, MED, MFS.

      Detailed working process, please see this