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Nutrient sterilizing/disinfection for Soilless Culture

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For ozone sterilizing, the sterilization rate depends on the equation concentration of ozone and contacting time, higher concentration, shorter contacting time.

The ozonation process can be various, such as Venturi tube, aeration tank, mixing pump or combined device.

For UV sterilizing, the sterilization rate depends on the dosage, here, the  related elements will be : flow rate,  lamp power, lighting time and distance.

The UV-ozone combined sterilizing solution can reach better effects than single process.

 Nutrient sterilizing

Nutrient sterilizing


Ozone / Water mixing

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ozone mixing

ozone water mixing


The ozone sterilization is quick and safe. When the ozone concentrations get to a certain percent, it kills the virus and germ immediately, then breaks up to oxygen, bring no secondary pollution. Compare with the other solution, ozone can diffuse quickly without shadow, operated easily and consume low energy.

The ozone has popular application and important value in the field of air purge, sterilization, deodorization, drinking water cleansing, food processing, dining service, medical etc.







Decrease Grease Trap Ozone Treatment

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oile remove Ozone combined with micro bubble diffusion allows for extremely high mass transfer of the gas to wastewater.  This means creating a supersaturate solution of ozone with little to no off gassing in a very stable state. Supersaturated ozone solutions allow reactions with unsaturated hydrocarbons to happen faster, but also push reactions that typically would not happen in less concentrated solutions. BOD, COD, TSS and bacteria are now easily eliminated very efficiently and economically, as a result there is no primary or secondary sludge formation, and also remove or reduce unpleasant smell efficiently. (

Small RO System for water plant

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New project, 10,000 liters per hour RO system with Ozonation

RO system treatment capacity 10,000 liters per hour

Raw water  tank  7000liters x 2pcs

Pure water tank   5000lites x 2pcs

Flow-through UV sterilizer

Ozone mixing  system (mixing pump and Venturi tube)

10kg/h Ozone Generation System Operating Cost Comparing

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10kg/h Ozone Generation System Operating Cost Comparing

Bottled Oxygen Fresh Air Oxygen Generator
Power Consumption of O3 Generator(per Hr) 85Kw 160Kw 85Kw
Power Consumption of O2/Air (per Hr) 0 50Kw 180Kw
Oxygen consumption (Per Hr) 70m3 0 0
Cost of Oxygen (Per Year) 111.28K  USD 0 0
Cost of Power (Per Year) 90.22K USD 252.63K USD 318.8K USD
Cost of Maintenance (Per Year) 3K USD 4.51K USD 6.02K USD
Cost of Oxygen tank rent (Per Year) 9K USD 0 0
Total Cost (Per Year) 213.5K USD 257.14K USD 324.82K USD

Typical Water Ozonation Process

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Water Ozone mixing

November 25, 2010 2 comments

SS ozone/water blender

High Performance Ozone/Water  SS  blender

How it works

The turbulent flow produce negative pressure and absorb the ozone into the blender, special designed internal  structure make the sinuous flow swirling and striking in the tube, our experience proved that the solubility is double than Venturi tube when mixing ozone and water.






The pressure at "1" is higher than at "2" because the fluid speed at "1" is lower than at "2".Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure

The Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. The Venturi effect is named after Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746–1822), an Italian physicist.