Forward Aqua Co., Ltd

Forward Industrial Technology Development Co., Ltd

As a professional supplier of water treatment solution and products, Forward Aqua dedicate to water desalination, water ozonation and water bottling technology, have been trying to provide clients pirce-competitive product and service for years.
Our products and service

Water Desalination
Design and produce customized seawater or brackish water desalination system which is energy efficient, produce high quality, tasty, healthful drinking water from available sea water or brackish water, and offer reliable operation, low maintenance and low operating costs.

Forward Aqua offers standard salt water desalting systems which we gladly customize for you and custom desalinators designed especially for your application.

Water Ozonation
We provide customer’s high performance ozone system for wide used application,such as swimming pool or SPA water treatment, bottling water disinfection, cooling tower water treatment, fish farming & poultry disinfection, ozonated water laundry system, food processing (cleaning and disinfection), space disinfection (hospital, restaurant, class room, bed room etc.)

Water Bottling
We offer custom engineered, integrated water packaging solutions to meet or exceed your packaging goals. We begin by analyzing the products you are filling, the containers, and your production goals. Then we design and manufacture your production line, set it up in our facility and test it for quality and performance. When we install equipment in your packaging facility, we train your operators, and give you a written performance guarantee and manufacturers’ warranty. We service everything we sell. And, you’ll enjoy our prompt, courteous and accurate service.

Outsourcing service
We provide parts outsourcing service (special for parts of water purification / water treatment products), including qualified supplier searching, production and quality control system examination,   and order/goods inspection. We are willing to help our clients to realize high quality & low cost purchasing safely and efficiently.

We have developed an excellent business relationship and mutual understanding with our clients and customers all around the world. With years of professional experience, our team of experts try to provide an exact and clients-satisfied sale-before and sale-after service.

Integrity, respect and mutual understanding are our guidelines for all matters concerned. These guidelines will always be the basis when dealing with clients and potential customers in order to establish a win-to-win relationship and business.

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