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Decrease Grease Trap Ozone Treatment

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oile remove Ozone combined with micro bubble diffusion allows for extremely high mass transfer of the gas to wastewater.  This means creating a supersaturate solution of ozone with little to no off gassing in a very stable state. Supersaturated ozone solutions allow reactions with unsaturated hydrocarbons to happen faster, but also push reactions that typically would not happen in less concentrated solutions. BOD, COD, TSS and bacteria are now easily eliminated very efficiently and economically, as a result there is no primary or secondary sludge formation, and also remove or reduce unpleasant smell efficiently. (


Shortcut of Plastic Raw Material

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

PC       Polycarbonate                   聚碳酸酯

PE        Polyethylene                    聚乙烯

PES       Poly(ether sulfone)               聚醚砜

PET      Poly(ethylene terephthalate)       聚对苯二甲酸乙二酯

PP        Polypropylene                   聚丙烯

PP-R      Polypropylene randon coplymer   无规共聚聚丙烯

PPS       Poly(phenylene sulfide)           聚苯硫醚                聚次苯基硫醚

PS        Polystyrene                     聚苯乙烯

PSU       Polysulfone                     聚砜

PU        Polyurethane                    聚氨酯

PVC       Poly(vinyl chloride)              聚氯乙烯

PVDF        Poly(vinylidene fluoride)          聚(偏二氟乙烯)


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