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10kg/h Ozone Generation System Operating Cost Comparing

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10kg/h Ozone Generation System Operating Cost Comparing

Bottled Oxygen Fresh Air Oxygen Generator
Power Consumption of O3 Generator(per Hr) 85Kw 160Kw 85Kw
Power Consumption of O2/Air (per Hr) 0 50Kw 180Kw
Oxygen consumption (Per Hr) 70m3 0 0
Cost of Oxygen (Per Year) 111.28K  USD 0 0
Cost of Power (Per Year) 90.22K USD 252.63K USD 318.8K USD
Cost of Maintenance (Per Year) 3K USD 4.51K USD 6.02K USD
Cost of Oxygen tank rent (Per Year) 9K USD 0 0
Total Cost (Per Year) 213.5K USD 257.14K USD 324.82K USD

Typical Water Ozonation Process

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Global Bottled water market

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According to BMC’s , North America and EU are main market of bottled water, consumed 30.3% and 28.9% of global total consumption in 2009. America is the largest bottled water consumption country, consumed 8665,6 gallons in 2008, total market amount more than 11.7 billion us dollars. In the top 10 of bottled water consumption countries, China , Brazil and Italy all consumed more than 3,000 million gallons. The first of average consumption is Mexico, 59.1 gallons in 2008, the next one is Italy, 54.0 gallons. The countries of average consumption more than 30 gallons including UAE, Belgium & Luxemburg, German, France, Spain and Lebanon.