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Ozone aeration remove unpleasant smell and oil scaling

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Ozone combined with micro bubble diffusion allows for extremely high mass transfer of the gas to wastewater.  This means creating a supersaturate solution of ozone with little to no off gassing in a very stable state. Supersaturated ozone solutions allow reactions with unsaturated hydrocarbons to happen faster, but also push reactions that typically would not happen in less concentrated solutions. BOD, COD, TSS and bacteria are now easily eliminated very efficiently and economically, as a result there is no primary or secondary sludge formation, and also remove or reduce unpleasant smell efficiently.

Application:  Grease Trap of Restaurant, food processing plant, …etc



Ozone for Poultry Farming

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Ozone in Air

Ozone can be used to destroy airborne bacteria and eliminate odours. Ozone kills micro-organisms by a process of oxidation. Gaseous Ozone can reduce the ammonia concentrations in animal sheds. There are two methods that can be used to treat poultry sheds. When sheds are empty of birds and the litter cleared, high concentrations of ozone can be used to sanitise the building. Then using low level concentrations of ozone during the growth cycle will improve animal hygiene by reducing odorous compounds present in the growing shed.

Ozone in water

Highly ozonated water is of enormous benefit in the slaughterhouse for bacteria control of dead animals and the environment. When chilled ozonated water is sprayed onto chicken meat it will kill pathogens on the surface reducing the potential for spoilage. Slaughterhouse and equipment can also be washed with highly ozonated water acting to disinfect the working area reducing the potential for dangerous bacteria outbreak.

Seawater desalination system

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We provide desalination systems are energy efficient, produce high quality, tasty, healthful drinking water from available sea water, and offer reliable operation, low maintenance and low operating costs. Forward Aqua offers standard salt water desalting systems which we gladly customize for you and custom desalinators designed especially for your application. Seawater desalination The compacted seawater desalination system for small capacity 1000-3000L/H.

  1. FRP tank prefilter with automatic control valves
  2. Milton Roy chemical dosing system for Germicide, floccucant and anti-scale inhibitor .
  3. Germany high pressure pump,SS316 high pressure piping
  4. Dow Filmtec RO membrane unit with high quality FRP high pressure vessel
  5. Schneider PLC control,ORP meter,flow meter, EC meter etc.

Applications: * Cities & Villages * Island Communities * Offshore Platforms * Remote Work Sites * Seaside Villas * Oceanside Developments * Beach

Seawater desalination system

  1. Compact and space-save design, easy to install on the boat or small space.
  2. Easy to operate, the multimedia filter use one valve for multi-port control which realizing the flushing , back washing.
  3. Special design which make you don’t need to stop machine to exchange filter cartridges.
  4. Long service life, working stable and less maintenance

Applications: * Cities & Villages * Island Communities * Offshore Platforms * Cruise Ships * Cargo Ships * Remote Work Sites * Seaside Villas * Fishing Boats * Processing Ships * Oceanside Developments * Work & Supply Boats * Beach